Altiora te ne quaesieris (Sir. 3, 22)


International Conference, Tyniec, 2-6 September 2018

Internationale Gesellschaft für Theologische Mediävistik - University of Warsaw - University of Silesia in Katowice


The conference in short

The full interview about the conference with Dr. Pansters and Prof. Prügl

Manfred Schulze: Wissen, Theologie, Frömmigkeit. Theologische Methodik bei Gregor von Rimini OESA (†1358)

Pascale Bermon: Sapientia in Theological Texts of the 14th Century, with a Focus on Gregory of Rimini

Sigrid Müller: From Wisdom to Arts and Science: The Understanding of Theological Ethics in the Later Middle Ages

Elżbieta Jung: Do the Natural Desire for Knowledge and Loving God above All Make Us Happy? Richard Kilvington in a Dispute over Semi-pelagianism

Alexandra Baneu: Theology as Science and Wisdom in Pelbartus of Themeswar’s Rosarium

Mikołaj Olszewski: Sapientia or Sapientiae?

Paul Hellmeier: Der Intellekt ist nicht genug. Das proklische „unum in nobis“ bei Berthold von Moosburg

Christian Trottmann: Sapientiam amavi et exquisivi a juventute mea. Les distinctions entre divers niveaux de sagesse chez Denys le Chartreux et Marquard Sprenger

Maria Burger: Selbsterkenntnis durch Gotteserkenntnis. Der Imago-Dei-Traktat des Albertus Magnus

Henryk Anzulewicz: Zum Begriff der Perfectio bei Albertus Magnus

Steven Harvey: Maimonides' Seeming Disinterest in Phronesis

Anne Greule, Lisa-Maria Knothe: Knowledge and Temporal Felicity in Albert the Great and Alan of Lille

Michał Mrozek: The Role of Sapientia in Aquinas’s Moral Considerations of Summa Theologiae

See also excerpts from the handout

Agnes Karpinski: Dreams and Divination as Scientific Objects in Commentaries on Aristotle

Łukasz Tomanek: Marsilius of Inghen on Limitations of Natural Knowledge of God

Thanasis Rinotas: …Et Sapientiam Conferre Perhibetur: Stones and Wisdom in the Work of Albertus Magnus

Magdalena Bieniak: Stephen Langton on Faith and Reason

Andrea Di Maio: At the Crossroads between the Two Biblical Trees. Studiosity vs Curiosity according to Bonaventure

Agnieszka Kijewska: The Book of the Scripture and the Book of Nature as a Path to Wisdom

Thomas Prügl: A Lost Inaugural Lecture of Saint Bonaventure?

Magdalena Płotka: Joyful pursuit of wisdom in St. Bonaventure

Shawn Colberg: Wisdom and Conformity: Reading as Journey in the Theology of Saint Bonaventure

Mikhail Khorkov: Controversies on Wisdom in the Erfurt Carthusian Treatises on Mystical Theology from the 15th Century

Krijn Pansters: Eremitic Ethics: Wisdom from behind Walls